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About Us

Zibo Liantan Chemical Co., Ltd was founded in 2005; located in Qilu Chemical Industrial Zone (a Chemical Industry Base of China), Zibo Liantan Chemical Co., Ltd is a hi-tech enterprise specializing in the production, trade, research and development and technical services of C5 deep-processing fine chemicals, with 53,360sqm of lands, CNY 30 million of registered capitals and 150 employees, 30 of them are technicians with middle or senior titles.

At present, our main products are tert-amyl alcohol and isoamylene; as the major supplier of China for tert-amyl alcohol and isoamylene products, we annually can produce 2,000 tons of tert-amyl alcohol and 8,500 tons of isoamylene. After more than ten years of continuous technological innovation, our company has successfully grown up to be a leading company in this field in terms of production process technology and product quality.

Our company attaches great importance to the research and development of C5 deep-processing chemicals, and cooperates extensively with research institutes such as Beijing University of Chemical Technology, Qingdao University of Science and Technology and Dalian Multiphase Catalyst Co., Ltd., etc. Therefore, we have obtained excellent achievements in the construction of scientific research teams, and the development of new products and processes. Now, projects of cyclopentene and cyclopentane have completed the semi-industrial scale-up test, and the tert-amylbenzene and tert-Amylanthraquinone projects have completed small tests.

Built on a high starting point, Liantan will always be guided by market demand and driven by technology in the course of development. Through advocating team spirit, gathering strength, having honest business and making innovation continuously, Liantan strives to make itself more professional and powerful to offer better service and return society.

An Introduction to Shandong Xingya New Materials Limited Company Shandong Xingya New Materials Limited Company is situated in Linzi, the ancient capital of the Qi Dynasty, and in the ethylene hinterland of the Qilu Petrochemical Company, one of the national largest enterprises. This advantageous geographical position lays a firm foundation for the company’s rapid development. This company is formed by five enterprises and instirutions such as Shandong University, Zibo Linzi Hongxing Chemical Factory and so on. Its registered capital has reached 20 million yuan.The project of the ten thousand tons nanometer oxide zinc conducted by the company has been listed in the national key scientific and technological project of the tenth national five-year plan, and it was chosen by the National Science and Technology Department as a project of the Torch Project of the Torch Program in 2001. Its technology is considered by the experts committee to be in the lead in the world. This company has been chosen by the Science and Technology Department of the province as a high and new technology enterprise. The inorganic Chemical Center of Engineering and Technology of Shandong University formed by this company and Shandong University ensures the development of new products and the replacement of older generations of products of new ones. Shandong Xingya New Materials Limited Company has now been developed into a complex enterprise of science and technology, industry and trade. In the 21st century, opportunity and challenge exist side by side; competition and development are compatible. This company considers leading in technology, high-quality products and high-efficient service as its sole purpose, and it willing to go forward with you hand in hand and produce the brilliance together.